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Reviews of the latest scuba diving equipment

Find out what is hot and new in the world of scuba diving equipment, and read in-depth, unbiased and comprehensive reviews of scuba diving gear from the world’s top manufacturers

Destinations Gear Review for Dive Rite XT Fins

Dive Rite XT Fins: A No-Nonsense Work Fin

Given Dive Rite’s origins as a manufacturer of cave diving equipment, their outlook on what they will produce and why has always been rather...

Shearwater Research Launches New Peregrine Dive Computer

Shearwater Research Inc., manufacturer of the increasingly popular Perdix AI and Teric dive computers has launched a brand-new model called the Peregrine. With a retail...
Aqua Lung i200C

Aqua Lung i200C – Scuba Diving Equipment Review

Mark Evans: Dive computers from Aqua Lung just keep on coming, and the Aqua Lung i200C represents fantastic value for money for a well-equipped...
SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1000F

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1000F

SeaLife describes this compact little unit as an LED photo/video/dive light, and it really is a Jack of all trades. The SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini...
Review of the Mares Blue Battle and Silver Knight

Mares Blue Battle and Silver Knight

Backplate-and-wing combinations are becoming all the rage for single-cylinder divers. Review of the Mares Blue Battle and Silver Knight With various training agencies teaching beginners in...
6 Best Scuba Diving Primary Dive Lights

6 Best Scuba Diving Primary Dive Lights

Each month, the SCUBA DIVER test team assembles to rate and review a selection of dive equipment from a range of manufacturers. This test, we...
Oceanic Geo 4

Oceanic Geo 4 Review

Oceanic has several wristwatch-style dive computers in their line-up, and in its 4.0 guise, the Oceanic Geo 4 is looking better than ever. The ‘aerated’...
BARE Ultrawarmth Base Layers – Scuba Equipment Review

BARE Ultrawarmth Base Layers

BARE have incorporated the Celliant Infrared Technology into their new Ultrawarmth Base Layers. We saw a real difference between a 5mm glove with the technology...
Apeks XL4+

Apeks XL4+ Equipment Review

Mark Evans: Back in November 2017, we published an exclusive first test on the lightweight travel-friendly Apeks XL4, which is also cold-water rated, and...
2020 Strobe Collection

Lights Fantastic – New Strobes for 2020 (Part 3)

New Strobes Part 3 - Small & Unconventional Just because an underwater strobe maybe small, it doesn’t mean that it can’t serve a purpose. Here...

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