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Oceanic Geo 4 Review


Oceanic has several wristwatch-style dive computers in their line-up, and in its 4.0 guise, the Oceanic Geo 4 is looking better than ever.

Oceanic Geo 4

The ‘aerated’ strap – which is available in five optional colours (black, white, blue, yellow and sea-blue ) – looks cool and is very comfortable, which is important if you are actually going to be wearing this for long periods as an actual watch, and the main unit has been given a makeover.

While it is wristwatch-sized and can be worn as a large sports watch during your day-to-day life, it has a good-sized display, with big digits. They might not be quite as large as on the Veo 4, but they are still plenty big and clear enough for most people.

It obviously has all of the normal watch functions, but then it can also handle air and nitrox (up to three gas mixes between 21-100 percent), together with a gauge mode and a freediving mode. The menu is simple to navigate using the four buttons on the computer, and it has a back-light for when it gets murky or at night.

Oceanic Geo 4

The battery lasts for approximately 300 hours, and can then be easily and quickly replaced by the user, so no sending it back to the manufacturer.

As with the Veo 4, the Geo 4 is equipped with Oceanic’s patented dual algorithm, so you can select from the Pelagic Z+ (Buhlman ZHL-16C) or the Pelagic DSAT algorithms.

Also as with the Veo 4, the Geo 4 is designed to be used with the Pelagic DiverLog+ App, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store. This handy tool not only logs your dives but also allows you to control and change settings on the Geo 4 from your phone via Bluetooth.

Oceanic Geo 4

Pre-dive you can select your gas mix and algorithm, set alerts for time and depth, etc, and then fire it across to your computer. After the dive, you can reverse the process, sending all the dive profile information across to your phone. You can then embellish this with photographs, videos and more detailed information.

The Geo 4 looks good on your wrist, both as a ‘watch’ and when you are using it as a dive computer. It has more than enough capabilities for most divers, and it comes in at a competitive price.

Review By Mark Evans

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