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Scuba diving hotspots from all around the world

Planning your next scuba diving week away, or dreaming up your next tropical bucket-list destination? Dive in to reports of scuba diving sites and locations from all around the world

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Scapa Flow - The Pilgrimage

Scapa Flow – The Pilgrimage

Scapa Flow, widely regarded as one of the world’s best wreck-diving sites, should be on every diver’s hit-list, as dedicated fan Mark Evans reports Arriving...
An underwater photographer makes his approach to this large loggerhead slow and low so as to not spook his subject

World’s Best Destinations to Dive with Sea Turtles

The Palm Beach County coast is one of the few places in the world where divers can encounter all five species of sea turtles...

North Carolina’s Sand Tiger Shark Haven – Wreck of the Caribsea

If you have never met a sand tiger shark you really don’t know what you’re missing. Despite their nightmarish appearance, sand tigers (Carcharias Taurus)-not to...
The Delightful Daymaniyats

The Delightful Daymaniyats

Oman is a true hidden gem in the Middle East when it comes to diving, but the protected nature reserve of the Daymaniyats deserves...
Amazing Aqaba

Amazing Aqaba

The Cooper family embarked on an epic, action-packed adventure to Jordan after winning the Experience Aqaba competition – and the Scuba Diver team were...
Disney and Diving

Disney and Diving

Family holidays can always present a problem – how do you keep everyone happy? Well, how about head to Orlando and you can do the...
Iceland Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is known as the Land of Fire and Ice and Silfra dive site is revered around the world, but as Mark Evans found...
Dive site Blade, at Wakatobi, Indonesia

Top 10 Best Dive Sites in the World

I find myself in drydock as we all patiently wait for modern medicine to get enough of a handle on COVID-19 to make travel...

South Florida’s Deep & Mysterious Hole-in-the-Wall

Every destination has its Signature Dive. In most cases it’s a particular wreck, reef or animal attraction that is touted as a must-do. But...
Grenada DiveFest

Grenada DiveFest 2019

The annual DiveFest on Grenada and Carriacou is now in its third year, and Mark Evans made a return visit – but with his...

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U-352 German U-boat of the North Carolina Coast

U-352 – North Carolinas World War II Shipwreck

Today, the U-352 is one of North Carolina’s signature wreck sites. For divers making the journey to Morehead City, it stands near the top of the list. Even with the dive briefing fresh in your mind, seeing the U-352 materialize off the bottom, sitting with a 45-degree list to starboard, is an amazing sight. Located some 35 miles offshore, the U-352 lies within close proximity of the Gulf Stream, which often times rewards divers with visibility upwards of 100 feet.
Shore Diving Tips from the Experts

Shore Diving Tips from the Experts

What Equipment do the Pros Use

What Equipment do the Pros Use